The Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725 (Oxford Historical Monographs)

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This is a list of notable people associated with the Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers, who have a Wikipedia article. The first part consists of individuals who are known to be or to have been Quakers continually from some point in their lives onward. The second part consists of individuals whose parents were Quakers or who were Quakers themselves at one time in their lives but then converted to another religion, formally or informally distanced themselves from the Society of Friends, or were disowned by their Friends Meeting.

More commonly known as Free Quakers, the Society was founded by members of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers, who had been expelled for failure to adhere to the Peace Testimony during the American Revolutionary War. Many of its early members were prominent Quakers involved in the American Revolution before the society was established. Following the end of the American Revolutionary War, the number of Free Quakers began to dwindle as some members died and. Quakers were among the first white people to denounce slavery in the American colonies and Europe, and the Society of Friends became the first organization to take a collective stand against both slavery and the slave trade, later spearheading the international and ecumenical campaigns against slavery.

Beginnings Quaker colonists began questioning slavery in Barbados in the s, but first openly denounced it in In that year, four German settlers the Lutheran Francis Daniel Pastorius and three Quakers issued a protest from Germantown, close to Philadelphia in the newly founded American colony of Pennsylvania. This action, although seemingly overlooked at the time, ushered in almost a century of active debate among Pennsylvanian Quakers about the morality of slavery which saw energetic anti-slavery writing and direct action from seve.

Frederick S. He was an early advocate of democracy and religious freedom, notable for his good relations and successful treaties with the Lenape Native Americans. Under his direction, the city of Philadelphia was planned and developed.

The Counter-Reformation in Central Europe: Styria 1580-1630

In , King Charles II handed over a large piece of his American land holdings to Penn to pay the debts the king owed to Penn's father. This land included present-day Pennsylvania and Delaware. Penn immediately set sail and took his first step on American soil in New Castle now in Delaware in after his trans-Atlantic journey. Quakers Hill railway station is located on the Richmond line, serving the Sydney suburb of Quakers Hill. History The former footbridge at the station. Quakers Hill station opened in as Douglas Siding. It was renamed Quakers Hill on 30 March and relocated to its present location on 29 June The station had a crossing loop until the line from Marayong was duplicated to Quakers Hill in In , the second track was extended to Schofields with a new overhead concourse with lists completed at the same time.

As a result, T5 Cumberland line services were extended to terminate at Schofields. It has been owned by PepsiCo since He was called the cereal tycoon. American Oats and Barley Oatmeal Corporation. Formally known as "Good For Breakf. The Philadelphia Phillies are an American professional baseball team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Phillies are the oldest, continuous, one-name, one-city franchise in American professional sports. Since the first modern World Series was played in , the Phillies played 77 consecutive seasons and 97 seasons from the club's establishment before they won their first World Series—longer than any of the other 16 teams that made up the major leagues for the first half of the 20th century.

They are one of the more successful franchises since the start of the Divisional Era in Major League Baseball. The Phillies have. Quakers Yard is part of the community of Treharris. This ford was a simple and easy crossing place of the nearby River Taff, close to its junction with the smaller Taff Bargoed river. The ford was replaced in later years by the narrow stone bridge over the River Taff.

Quakers Yard railway station opened in During the early 17th century those who 'dissented' from the King's Religion were persecuted. This often took the form of imprisonment, or death. By about a 'dissenting group' of Baptists, independents and Quakers were worshipping at nearby Berthlwyd Farm, Pentwyn Top of the Hill. The Quakers in turn, soon broke away to establish their own separate community.

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In the year , these Quakers opened their own Quaker burial. The Penn Quakers are the athletic teams of the University of Pennsylvania. The school sponsors 33 varsity sports. The school has won three NCAA national championships in men's fencing and one in women's fencing. Men's basketball Men's crew Men's fencing Football The football team has competed since It has won eighteen national championships when the school competed in what is now known as the FBS.

Penn has been outright Ivy Football Champion 13 times and been undefeated 8 times. In addition to the va. The views of Quakers around the world towards homosexuality encompass a range from complete celebration and the practice of same-sex marriage, to the view that homosexuality is sinfully deviant and contrary to God's intentions for sexual expression. The Religious Society of Friends Quakers is a historically Christian religious movement founded in 17th-century England; it has around , members.

Not to be confused with the defunct Philadelphia Quakers team of the National Hockey League, the Philadelphia Quakers baseball team who became the Philadelphia Phillies in or the University of Pennsylvania athletics teams, the Pennsylvania Quakers. History Owned by L. Coached by Bob Folwell, the majority of the team played their college football in Pennsylvania.

The combined experience gave the team an edge in line play, particularly on defense the Quakers yielded only five points per game for the 1. The Appalachian Mountains run through its middle. Pennsylvania is the 33rd-largest state by area, and the 5th-most populous state according to the most recent official U. Census count in It is the 9th-most densely populated of the 50 states.

(PDF) Ebook - Quakers History | John Horsfield -

Pennsylvania's two most populous cities are Philadelphia 1,, , and Pittsburgh , The state capital and its 10th-largest city is Harrisburg. Laois, in led by William Edmundson. There is a quaker burial ground in Rosenallis, Co, Laois. Kildare, in was planned as a Quaker town,[5] it was here A Quaker School was founded by Abraham Shackleton ancestor of the polar explorer Ernest Shac. Earlham College is a private liberal arts college in Richmond, Indiana.

The college was established in by the Religious Society of Friends Quakers and has a strong focus on Quaker values such as integrity, a commitment to peace and social justice, mutual respect, and community decision-making. It is primarily a residential undergraduate college but it offers a Master of Arts in Teaching and has an affiliated graduate seminary, the Earlham School of Religion, which offers three master's degrees: a Master of Divinity, Master of Ministry, and Master of Arts in Religion.

History Earlham was founded in as a boarding high school for the religious education of Quaker adolescents. Though t. The Quaker movement began in England in the Seventeenth Century. Small Quaker groups were planted in various places across Europe during this early period For instance, see the Stephen Crisp article. Quakers in Europe outside Britain and Ireland are not now very numerous although new groups have started in the former Soviet Union and satellite countries.

By far the largest national grouping of Quakers in Europe is in Britain. The first Meeting for Business was held in Brussels in March The vast majority of British Quakers attend Meetings of unprogrammed worship.

Bradley Whitford born October 10, is an American actor and political activist. This role also earned him three consecutive Golden Globe Award nominations.

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  4. In he won a second Primetime Emmy Award for his role as Marcy in Transparent and later garnered a fifth Primetime Emmy Award nomination for portraying Magnus Hirschfeld in the same series. In , Shumacher ran his first known cereal advertisement in the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper. By the midth century, members of the Religious Society of Friends lived throughout the thirteen British colonies in North America, with large numbers in the Pennsylvania colony in particular.

    The American Revolution created a difficult situation for many of these Friends, informally known as "Quakers," as their nonviolent religious tenets often conflicted with the emerging political and nationalistic ideals of their homeland. Early in the conflict's history, Quakers participated in the revolutionary movement through nonviolent actions such as embargoes and other economic protests. However, the outbreak of war created an ideological divide among the group, as most Quakers remained true to their pacifist beliefs and refused to support any military actions.

    Nevertheless, a sizable number of Quakers still participated in the conflict in some form, and dealt with the repercussions of doing so. Wilmington College is a private career-oriented liberal arts institution established by Quakers in in Wilmington, Ohio, United States. In fall , the College set an enrollment record, bringing in new students for the academic year, totaling 1, students on Wilmington's main campus, and students at Wilmington's two Cincinnati branches at Blue Ash and Cincinnati State.

    The college welcomes transfer students and has a significant number of co. Quaker weddings are the traditional ceremony of marriage within the Religious Society of Friends. Quaker marriage in history After the local meeting had approved the couple's intention, an announcement would be made and posted in the market on market day. After this the wedding could take place. Outsiders sometimes criticized Quaker couples for living in sin because they married each other without priests or ministers. George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends, and Margaret Fell married using a modification of this procedure in Two years later, when Fox was in Barbados, he sent out another epistle.

    In this epistle, Fox advocated giving women's meetings the initial responsibility to pass on a couple's intentions when the couple had expressed a desire to be wed. This advice became quite controversial among those who did not want to see women's roles expanded. Quaker marriage today When a couple decides to get married they declare their intentions to marry to the meeting either in writing or in p. One of the first teams of the University, The Penn Quakers football team is the college football team at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Penn has played in 1, football games, the most of any school in any division.

    The Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
    The Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
    The Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
    The Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
    The Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
    The Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
    The Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
    The Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725 (Oxford Historical Monographs)
    The Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725 (Oxford Historical Monographs)

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