Temple of the Gods

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The temple of all the gods: the Pantheon - Scuola Romit

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Now, if I may have the temerity to be judgemental in my preferences, let us move into the exciting prospect of excavating the 'sacred spring' in the Adyton, the inner sanctum, of the Temple. This spring would have to be dated to the Hellenistic era at least, possibly even the Archaic, which for me relegates the Byzantine fragment to a lesser importance. We remain though within the uncertainties of nature's whims, but we are seeing the desire to control this ever-shifting anomaly in this case, water within the all too human mind.

Here we can observe the excavation of the 'original' sacred spring where the priestess uttered forth her chemically induced profanities, made sweet by a politically motivated high priest. Nature has a way of dealing with the certainty of human comprehension by 'choosing to change' its human predicted pattern As Richard Dawkins once wrote, in a different context, "It is like trying to herd cats". Though what we see today is the excavation of 'a' sacred spring, one of probably many, and revealing an excited human attempt to place order upon a purely natural, and changeable, phenomenon.

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  4. What it has, so far, revealed is precisely that excitability. What is more than apparent today is that, according to the archaeologist I spoke to, "they must have thrown the architecture back in", as it is a complete mess of a site. Beautifully cut stone laid under our feet in a confusion of despair.

    Temple of the Gods

    I felt entirely deflated as I was envisaging an 'in situ' subterranean stairwell descending into the realm of the priestesses. I cannot confirm this, as I have only one source, though during the 's this spring gushed forth the water which was considered the sweetest water in the entire village, until the Turkish Government closed the spring. Such a story may enable us to explain this destruction of the stairs. Remember that the German Archaeological Institute were not working on this site until , could it be that without archaeological supervision the government workers callously, but maybe without intent, used the stones of the stairwell to inter the spring into the depths?

    That would rather echo back to my, "why cut new stone History surely does repeat itself. No doubt that these eminent professionals shall find some oblique meaning within this morass of now haphazard stone, we do have another month or more of pertinent investigation. Turkish Archaeological News. Follow turarchaeonews. Skip to main content.

    Temple of the New Gods

    The Temple of Apollo in Didim, July Text and photos by Glenn Maffia Another archaeological season is now in full flow, much as the inundation of the southeast section of the Apollo Temple is also.

    Temple of the Gods Temple of the Gods
    Temple of the Gods Temple of the Gods
    Temple of the Gods Temple of the Gods
    Temple of the Gods Temple of the Gods
    Temple of the Gods Temple of the Gods
    Temple of the Gods Temple of the Gods
    Temple of the Gods Temple of the Gods

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