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Injector control rack tube lever. Water outlet manifold. Exhaust manifold. Balancer shaft. Valve rocker cover.

Mid M3 Lee

Push rod. Section of piston and connecting rod. Air box. Solenoid air inlet control. Air inlet housing. Connecting rod bearing shell.

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Main bearing shell. Lubricating oil pump assembly. Lubricating oil pump driven gear. Air heater. Air heater fuel pipe. Clutch shift levers. The different internal arrangement necessitated by the twin diesel engines can be gleaned when this image is compared with the cross-section of the M3 above. Compared to the sharp-edged hull machines above, the relative lack of rivets due to welding much of this vehicle is obvious.

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The dearth of rivets caused by the use of welding is well illustrated by looking at the side of the tank. This vehicle is a later-production example, as the side door has been welded closed. Although the side doors have been welded shut, the tank retains apertures for both hull machine guns. The counterweight for the 37mm gun, however, is not present on this tank, although its aperture remains unplugged.

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  • The rear deck featured twin armored air intake louvres protected by mesh screens. Filler cap covers can be seen on the rear deck and in front of the sponson stowage boxes for fuel, water, and lubricating oil. The rear armor was extended downward compared to radial-engine tanks, and the rear engine access doors were necessarily deleted. The mufflers for the engines met in the center of the rear of the vehicle, and a deflector was mounted to keep the exhaust gases from stirring up too much dust.

    The solid lower rear hull can be contrasted with the radial-engined tank above. The reason for the changes to the rear armor was that the radiators for the GM were mounted at the rear above the mufflers, a concern that tanks powered by the air-cooled radials did not have. This picture is looking forward from the rear of the tank. The long rectangular engine inspection plates can be seen in the foreground, each with a round cover for engine oil drain plug access. Since this tank has no side hull doors, it was equipped with a floor escape hatch, the opening for which which can be seen in front of the right-hand engine inspection plate.

    Looking straight up into the escape hatch opening, the front of the tank is to the right of the image. The transfer case can be seen to the left, and the propeller shaft runs off to the right to engage the transmission. Control linkages are near the bottom of the image, and a 75mm ammunition rack can be seen to the right.

    Mantlet with gun barrels for M3 Lee/Grant Tanks PanzerArt RE

    The underneath of the turret basket is directly overhead. The large Chrysler multibank engine installed in M3A4 necessitated a longer hull to fit in the tank.

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    The distance between the bogies was also therefore increased, and the rear deck roof and engine compartment floor had bulges to accomodate the A57 engine. Tube, water pump air relief engine no. Coil, ignition, assembly no. Cleaner, air, crankcase ventilator, assembly. Shaft, drive, tachometer. Pump, water, assembly no. Tube, water pump air relief no. Filter, oil absorption type. Coil, igntion no. Pipe, exhaust nos. Tube, fuel pump to branch connection, assembly for nos. Connection, water pump air relief tube.

    watch Distributor, ignition, assembly no. Tube, fuel pump to no. Plate, serial number, engine. Grant and the Two hundred tanks purchased were all delivered to the 8th Army in the Western Desert beginning at the start of For the great Gazala campaign on May 27, , M3 Grant tanks established the majority of the vehicles of 4th Armoured Brigade and finally provided the British a tank with excellent fire power to any enemy AFV. The M3 Grant provided a pleasant improvement to the moral of British tank-men, assisted to inflict a large stop in the luck of the Afrika Korps, swung the balance of tank strength either qualitatively and quantitatively towards the British there after, and, as a following result, initiated the British off on the mission to develop an identical 75mm dual purpose gun for installing in British-built tanks.

    It absolutely was, without a doubt, in those days, the most crucial innovative accessory for the British armoury. This pic clearly shows the diversity of the arrangement in three levels of the weapons of the M3 Lee. The commander could use independent his rotating machine-gun, while the turret gunner could engange with the 37mm gun tanks or with the coaxial machine-gun infantry. From the rigid mm gun explosive charges could be fired. Common M3 mediums were consequently in addition delivered to the British Army who gave these tanks the designation Lee after Robert E. By June an extra M3 Lee medium tanks had found its way to Egypt for the Eighth Army and by the time of the Battle of Alamein in October , as many as almost M3 Lee and Grant series medium tanks had been shipped.

    Several M3 Lee tanks in addition were shipped to Australian at this time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email address to subscribe to WW2-Weapons and receive notifications of new reports or diary entries by email.

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    You can unsubscribe at any time the notifications. Your email address will be treat as confidential and there will be no advertising sent. Email Address. The pilot model of the Medium Tank M3. Test drive with the M3 in difficult terrain. The second vehicle is a Stuart light tank. An American soldier is cleaning the 75mm gun on an M3 Lee tank in Tunisia in the winter of An M3A3 Lee burns after having been disabled during fighting on the Russian front in summer The tank was not terribly popular with the Red Army because of its archaic configuration.

    This one is in Burma, Road radius miles km Cross-country radius? Vertical obstacle 2 ft 0.

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    Armour M3 Lee I mm angle Turret front 50? Turret side 50?

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    Turret rear 50? Turret top 25? Hull front 50?

    M3 - Lee - Grant M3 - Lee - Grant
    M3 - Lee - Grant M3 - Lee - Grant
    M3 - Lee - Grant M3 - Lee - Grant
    M3 - Lee - Grant M3 - Lee - Grant
    M3 - Lee - Grant M3 - Lee - Grant
    M3 - Lee - Grant M3 - Lee - Grant
    M3 - Lee - Grant M3 - Lee - Grant

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