If youve got a mountain, Gods got a word

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God's Word is intrinsically related to God's power and Spirit. If one knows the Word, one knows the power behind it.

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The power behind the Word is the Holy Spirit. If we don't know the Holy Spirit, we can never know the Word, let alone God's power.

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When we do not know the Holy Spirit, we read the Bible, but the Bible is not reading us, that means, the Word is not speaking to us. We just carry and study a dead scroll. Indeed, one can study and teach the Bible without knowing God. The question becomes: how to read and meditate the Bible? And what is the purpose of God's Word? We can read the entire Bible through and through and still fail to grasp its deepest purpose, not to mention the state of reinforced and persistent powerlessness to overcome evil in our daily life.

Even to sincere Bible readers, there is a legitimate frustration that must be overcome. Few pitfalls deserve a close consideration. One, we benefit very little from a hasty and casual reading of the Bible. Perusing the pages of Bible with no clear purpose could be destructive because we disconnect the salvation plan from its context to fit our personal agenda.

Certainly, there are doctrinal teaching, historical and political lessons, as well as archeological evidences we could gather from reading the Scriptures. However, these legitimate concerns taken together out of context become destructive and meaningless. Heaping up heavy doctrinal teaching and biblical archeological evidences upon the believers amounts to a revised version of spiritual terrorism.

Two, we can study the Scriptures as an ordinary book, to the point of knowing it by heart, and demonstrate its literary genres and text criticism and yet fail miserably to relate to the Word of God and encounter the living Word who is Christ. Theological studies and Biblical arguments are no certificate of knowledge of the Word. The only reward of such endeavor is the compiling of biblical information and the doctrinal principles we can draw from the Scriptures.

Such short term gain always fails to transform personal lives and ends up in spiritual bankruptcy.

If Youve Got A Mountain Gods Got A Word

It is simply a way of filling the spiritual void with an intellectual and doctrinal fig leaf. By the end of the day, such people are still walking with their frustrations and carrying the load of their disillusion and deception because they have not been able to experience a victorious life despite being biblically literate. In Matthew 29, Jesus addresses a body of theologically-savvy debating Sadducees in those terms: "You are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God". Intellectual knowledge alone of the Scriptures is not genuine knowledge of the Word.

It oftentimes resonates with gross ignorance of spiritual realties and theological misjudgment. Rightfully so, Jesus is calling the attention of the Sadducees to the fact that the Scriptures are not about persuasive arguments and mere intellectual talk. It's not a dead scroll or a another piece of literature to study to feel smart. If you know the Word, you know the power behind it. The power behind the Word is the Spirit.

If you don't know the Spirit, you will be reading a dead letter and having frustration and confusion as your portion. The Word is pregnant with the Spirit. Those who receive the seed of the Word have life in them because the Spirit is in the Word. To avoid unnecessary confusion, let's bring some more light on the meaning behind the notion of Word. The Greek refers to the "word" as Logos. It means "the entire communication process". In addition to the notion of logos, the Greek translates "word" as Rhema.

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The term rhema means "when words leave one's lips". The written words of the Bible become Rhema to us when we receive the grace to hear the Spirit's voice in our hearts. In such case, the verses of the Bible are leaping off the pages, becoming a living reality and taking hold of our heart.

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We shift from the Logos to the Rhema. We are able to hear God's voice flowing in us through spontaneous thoughts that light upon our heart John 7: In the rhema experience, the Bible knowledge that we receive becomes revelation knowledge and no longer head and dead knowledge. The transition from the Logos to the Rhema is the key to relating to the Bible. When we receive the seed of the Word in us, we become born again.

However, we cannot live this new birth by our own human efforts, not alone in our flesh. The human flesh cannot accomplish what only the Spirit can. It's a life in the Spirit. That's why we need the Holy Spirit to help us live this new life. We are born again by the Word and yet born again by the Spirit. Jesus' nightly meeting with Nicodemus does not leave us another alternative to entering the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

The Spirit and the Word are conjoined and indivisible. The Spirit cannot work without the Word and through the Word of God.

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  • The Word of God cannot work without His Spirit endorsing, ratifying, upholding, mandating, backing, and consenting to it. Wherever we disconnect God's Word from His Spirit, we harvest human conflicts of interests, contradictions, and scandals while the flesh takes dominion over the Word.

    In such case, the Word has no power whatsoever on the people. The Word is used for making money, for intellectual prowess, and becomes a pure human business. The Word of God comes always with His Spirit's seal of approval. The Word of God imparts, conveys, and beams the Spirit. The Word of God carries His Spirit. Rightly so, the gospel message is the means through which God carries salvation to humankind because the Spirit flows through the message.

    That's the reason why we need the Spirit to open the eyes of our understanding to the Word. The Word of God is the Son of God. And only the Spirit brings revelation on the Word. Read the Bible slowly, attentively, repeatedly, and meditate upon the Word in your heart, not in your brain. Every body can read and teach the Bible. Even Muslims read the Bible. But not everyone can meditate the Bible. We need the Holy Spirit's help to meditate the Bible and move to revelation. Born again christians can meditate the Bible.

    follow site Meditation is a business of the heart not of the mind that is always twisting and deceptive. Take time with a sentence, a passage of the Scriptures until you get the revelation and the light before moving.

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    Don't be afraid even if you spend months with the same passage of the Scriptures. Compare specific passage of the Bible with other passage of the Scriptures. Sharpen Bible verses with other Bible verses. A careless and casual seeker rarely finds hidden valuable and precious treasure. The Bible is given to be meditated on as Joshua tells us: "Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything in it.

    Then you will be prosperous and successful. When we fail to act, the Book is not operative and effective. Psalm 11 carefully reminds us that the Bible is to be treasured in our heart. Ephesians 5: 18 prompts us to meditate through singing in our hearts. Singing in our heart is a private, internal, and intimate form of relationship with the Lord. Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.

    Meditate upon the Word of God day and night until you find eternal life. The Word of God is the living bread from heaven and the living water that quenches our thirst. In Hebrews 5: , the Word of God is food described as both milk and solid food to provide spiritual nutrients for our growth. The communion service or eucharist bread is a memorial service, not a funeral service.

    It is a memory of calvary to remind us that a provision for victory has already been given to us in the Word who became flesh in the person of Jesus. Therefore, we miss it all together when we celebrate a memorial and fail to become people of the Word, living by the Word. We can never know God outside His Word.

    Knowing God is always knowledge that transforms our being to become like Christ.

    If youve got a mountain, Gods got a word If youve got a mountain, Gods got a word
    If youve got a mountain, Gods got a word If youve got a mountain, Gods got a word
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    If youve got a mountain, Gods got a word If youve got a mountain, Gods got a word
    If youve got a mountain, Gods got a word If youve got a mountain, Gods got a word
    If youve got a mountain, Gods got a word

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