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Benjamin Lee Sep 20, Robyn Bahr Sep 20, Justin Chang Sep 20, Owen Gleiberman Sep 20, User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. This movie is really good.

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Very fun film. It's funny that people here are criticizing the plot when it's super obvious the plot was intended to be absurdly silly and contrived; it's just a goofy comedy, with mostly improvised dialog. Stevil Sep 21, Fun movie with plenty of laughs. Celebs making fun of themselves is refreshing. A good premise poorly executed.

The best part of this film are the Two Fern celebrity interviews that unfortunately are cut between a terrible plot about getting to Hollywood to 'make it big'. The interviews are good, the host was and is not, this is not how you turn an interview around.

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Between Two Ferns: The Movie I don't want to be that guy that thinks that one should stick to what they do. There is nothing wrong with trying something new. Whether it be physically, changing The interviews are good, the host was and is not, this is not how you turn an interview around. Whether it be physically, changing locations or genres or changing formats. On that note, the co-writer and director Scott Aukerman's film is a fresh peak behind the camera of a lovable show. This might be the pitch at the Netflix office.

It should be it. What's best and the worst thing about the film, is the admiration they have for the lead character, the interviewer, Zach. They don't take him for granted. They don't want to lose him.

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And in order to do so, they are returning back to those old sitcom sugar coated schemes that gathered crowd like controversy does to media. But it doesn't work. Not the fact that the interviewer Zach and the character Zach are completely different personalities. If anything that should have made it more grounding and fun to watch him play. Watch him juggle the on and off screen face twitch beautifully in the middle of this race against time chaos.

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And instead what has happened is that the crux, the thrill of those interviews have been snatched away from us. Now, despite the insults are audaciously wrong and cuts deep to sensitive parts of the lives of these celebrities, the intention, the motif paints itself like a commercial strategy. A strategy that Will Ferrell explains and has based his empire on.

The click bait theory is glorified by them inadvertently. And something that is actually menacingly taking over the authenticity over the data, the enormous amount of data flooded out in the world. Between Two Ferns: The Movie should have been a good weekend night out, instead we're stuck on Wednesday, a week day, working laboriously to finish what we have started. I don't need to be reminded that.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie is unfortunately, a forgettable comedy film. Here are the positives. The best part about this movie is that most of the celebrity interviews are pretty funny. There are some outtakes during the end credits that are funnier than most of the film. I think Zach Galifianakis does a good job with what he is given and helps keep this film afloat. The film has this mockumentary feel for it and the camera work compliments that.

The film does what it needs to do and then it is over. Here are the negatives. The story is kind of lame. Everything other than the celebrity interviews is incredibly boring and starts to drag heavily.

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