Business and Its Environment

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Introduction to Business Environment

Please keep in mind that natural resources are limited in our world.

Chapter 2 Business and its Environment

Thus, do not waste them. A workshop not only produces goods, but it may also produce rubbish, sewage and exhaust fumes. All these things pollute or even contaminate the environment in which we are all living. Therefore, the production of rubbish, sewage and exhaust fumes should be minimised. Normal rubbish is put into a disposal. Contaminated rubbish needs special treatment, never put it into normal disposal. Sewage needs to be purified in a purification plant.

Oil, solvents, dye, contaminated water and so on need special treatment, never put them into the drain. Contaminated exhaust fumes need to be filtered.

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Be a smart and modern businessman, feel responsible for the social community and the environment! The business and its environment Definition The business is an organisation which produces and sells, or only sells goods or services, or both.

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Business Community Workers are human beings and have the right to be well treated. Resources Most raw materials are made from natural resources. Environment A workshop not only produces goods, but it may also produce rubbish, sewage and exhaust fumes. Introduction to business administration basic skills guide. Module 1 - The business. The business and its environment.

Business and Its Environment: Meaning and Factors

The business cycle. The structure of a business. Module 2 - Management. Appendix A Questionnaire for an analysis.

Appendix B Exercises. Module 3 - Cash and credit management. Cash management. The cash book. Change of the year. The management refers to the people who are responsible for directing the day-to-day operations of a business. It is the management that sets the objectives and policies of an organization.

A policy is a course of action of action for achieving set objectives, which is adopted by a business. This is the formal arrangement of activities that are carried out at various levels of the organization so that objectives of the business can be achieved.

Business and Its Environment, 7th Edition

Duties and responsibilities of all the workers are defined in the business structure. Their interrelationships are also defined. Research and development is an important factor for the success of a business. Research generates new ideas, skills and better methods of doing things. A business has to do market and consumer research regularly to find out how the consumers perceive its goods and services, and how they can improve in order to outdo their competitors. Research also assists in the development of new and unique goods and services that may attract new consumers or maintain the loyalty of the existing ones.

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This is a combination of employees expectations, beliefs and values within the business. It is normally passed on from one generation of employees to the next.

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Employees acquire norms and code of conduct that is acceptable to all from the general manager down to the sweeper. A business that has a culture of involving employees in decision-making may perform better than one that does not involve its employees.

They also make decisions concerning operations of the business. Appropriate decisions are likely to lead to well being of the business while poor decisions may adversely affect the business. This environment consists of all the factors which affect the operations of the business from the outside. Some of these factors offer business opportunities while others may create problems threats. Business have limited or no control over external environmental factors and should therefore try to do adjust in order to cope with them. External environmental factors are also referred to as macro-environment i.

External business environment can further be sub-divided into operating environment and remote environment, depending on whether the factors can be influenced to some extent or not. Those environments that can be influenced are referred to as operating environment while those that cannot be influenced are known as remote environment. Your email address will not be published. Home Business and its Environments — Form 1 Business studies notes.

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Business and Its Environment Business and Its Environment
Business and Its Environment Business and Its Environment
Business and Its Environment Business and Its Environment
Business and Its Environment Business and Its Environment
Business and Its Environment Business and Its Environment

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